Alcoa Europe

Alcoa provides a wide range of products and integrated solutions to European customers in the Automotive, Aerospace, Building & Construction, Commercial Transportation and Industrial & Primary markets. In addition, Alcoa has a a very large aluminium business in the European region. In 2007, the approximately 32,000 European Alcoa employees in 14 countries, represented 25% of Alcoa's $ 30.7 billion revenues.

Alcoa Europe used the IT Management and IT Infrastructure services with regard to a network redesign and subsequent restructure of several technical teams. The IT Infrastructure service was used to gain a second opinion on a proposed redesign of a new Wide Area Network and network management platform. The IT Management service was used to get recommendations on how to restructure the various support teams to better align them with the business.

"As I experienced during the last few days, since I mailed my first problem, you and your colleagues are really experts in IT management. I have got those answers for my problems from you, which cannot be read from docs, unaccessible from vendors. Network Knowledge will be my knowledge base in the future. Congratulations for your staff." Laszlo Kondas, European Network Team, Alcoa Europe, Spain