Delphi Associates

Delphi Associates are a consultancy in the telecommunications sector. They work at all levels within a business and in areas ranging from business planning to service platform rollout. Their expertise addresses the needs of investors and senior management of start-ups and established businesses including service providers, equipment manufacturers, software vendors and application service providers.

Delphi Associates used the IT Infrastructure and IT Operations services in order to deliver a network management platform to a major client of theirs. The platform was sourced, built and customised by Network Knowledge consultants on site to the exact specification of the client. The IT Operations service was used to provide various optimisations to the solution in order to handle the very large volume of events and alerts.

"I was very impressed with the functionality, timely delivery and reliability of the network management system, Network Knowledge supplied us. I received expert and impartial advice in technically advanced areas and the resulting system really did improve our SLAs whilst reducing our overheads." Jason Velody, Delphi Associates, UK