Internet Satellite Platform

Internet Satellite Platform (ISAT) provided high speed satellite uplinks across the US, mostly to rural customers. In July 2004, Internet Satellite Platform filed for Chapter 11 protection after failing to gain a further round of funding. At the time, ISAT had over 200 Internet Service Providers and Partners and just over 4,000 subscribers. Its revenues were approximately $2m in the year 2003/2004. Subsequent to the filing, ISAT's assets were purchased by a number of US based telcos.

Internet Satellite Platform used the IT Infrastructure and the IT Operations service in order to design and then recommend how to operate the back-haul aspects of a very large Satellite subscriber network. Many aspects of the project had never been attempted before and as result, the existing close relationships with the R&D departments of several very large suppliers were essential to the final success. The IT Operations service ensured that the Operations team were able to handle very large volumes of network alerts in an extremely efficient manner.

"I received expert and impartial advice from Network Knowledge when I engaged them as consultants for a complex and technically challenging project for my Company." Henry Ewen, Chairman and COO, Internet Satellite Platform inc, USA