P.T. Datacomm Diangraha

Since 1990, P.T. Datacomm Diangraha has been the leader in providing leading edge network infrastructure and management solutions & services in Indonesia. P.T. Datacomm Diangraha is one of the largest ISO 9001 certified Network Solution Providers in the region. 67% of its revenues come from Indonesia while Australia remains its second largest market.

P.T. Datacomm Diangraha initially used the IT Operations service to resolve a small number of highly visible production problems. Once those had been resolved then both the Software Development and the IT Infrastructure services were used to customise a 3rd party infrastructure management solution. In order for the customisations to work, a combination of both infrastructure and software development knowledge was required.

"My first impression of Network Knowledge is that they are very friendly and professional. I believe that Network Knowledge has excellent technical services and respond very fast. Thank you for your help!" William Y. Phang, PT. Datacomm Diangraha, Indonesia