IT Infrastructure

The IT Infrastructure service covers all aspects of IT infrastructure, from desktop support, through servers, networks and data centres to databases.

The service is particularly focused on standardisation, automation and the driving down of unit costs. A growing area is one of 'lights out' management, where there are no staff on site, often no-one in the same country and all of the equipment is maintained remotely.

The IT Operations service often shares consultants with this service, particularly if a project, such as a new Data Centre, Server Farm or Wide Area Network, is about to go live. The Lead Consultant can recommend organisations to provide ongoing support if requested by the client.

A common theme is where there are several different suppliers each managing different aspects of the IT Infrastructure, so a key component of this service is ensuring that all parties are aligned and the maximum efficiencies are attained across the entire service.

Finally, a new growth area is one of integration/migration. Usually due to M&A activity, there are always a number of organisation going through IT infrastructure integrations or migrations. These events, although one-off in nature, are often extremely sensitive and therefore, take a considerable amount of time in planning.