IT Project Management

The IT Project Management service covers all areas of the project lifecycle, from selection, initiation and planning of projects through to their execution, monitoring and closure. Our highly experienced consulting team specialize in managing IT Projects (especially thosethat are at risk).

Our project management service is agnostic with regard to what methodology to use as it is recognised that it is usual to tailor a methodology for a specific Client's needs. In fact, it is not unusual for clients to a review a number of methodologies, ranging from full PMI or Prince2, through Prince2 Lite to a large number of Agile methodologies, including Scrum and XP. The differentiating factor in our service is that we ensure a link between the chosen methodology, and delivering actual results. Experience tells us that most customers suffering through failing IT projects want a pragmatic action-oriented approach to quickly turn projects around.

With experience at senior executive levels of IT Management, we can provide project sponsorship coaching, executive planning assistance on project selection as well as project managers experienced in a wide range of IT projects in various environments.