IT Turnarounds

The IT Turnarounds service is one of the more popular services, probably as a result of the current global economic climate. It is provided to organisations or IT departments where there is a clear realisation that 'something' is wrong. A number of whitepapers that we have written on this topic can be found here.

Typically, the first stage is understanding 'what' is wrong and where the the issues lie. Often, a combination of expectation management and real changes make the desired difference but each Client is unique when it comes to developing a Turnaround Plan.

This service often uses at least one of the other services in order to provide the detailed analysis of some of the issues uncovered and on occasion, implementation work has been 'sub-contracted' to these services to deliver.

An average timeframe for this service is 6 to 9 months to 'stabilise the patient' followed by a further 18 to 36 months to build on the foundations and provide some 'future proofing'. These timescales can vary widely, depending on the Client's situation, but they serve as an indication of the investment that is often required.

Finally, once the 'future-proofing' work has been completed, this service has occasionally been requested to work with retained Headhunters, to identify and build a new IT management team for the Client.